The company

The contemporary dance company “Les Herbes Folles” was created in 2008 on Camille Reverdiau’s and Julie Sapy’s initiative, with the creation of the show “Sueño” : a choreographic duet with strong flamenco influences. Three years of collaboration and the creation of several short pieces had convinced the two dancers to keep on dancing together, to go further in their choices of compositions and to share as much as possible this with the public.
So, since 2008, the company builds and improves its work in two specific directions: on one part, the encounter between contemporary dance and flamenco, and on the other part the co-scripting of each choreographic piece with musicians and composers, often integrated on stage.

The dancers

Camille Reverdiau
Julie Sapy

The musicians

Marie Arnaud
Thierry Piolé

Les Herbes folles

Les Herbes folles