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Following an intensive training period in contemporary dance with Marilyne Ferro, choreographer of the “Point d’identité” company, Julie Sapy joined the Conservatory of Contemporary Dance in Montpellier (France) where she graduated with honour in 2007. At the same time, she continued to dance with the ‘Point d’identité’ company. She was also working on ballet, Yoga and the Feldenkrais Method over this period.

Then, she attended various courses, where she worked with Janet Panetta, Patrice Usseglio, Hélène Cathala and Leonardo Montecchia.

Driven by her interest in the Spanish language and culture, she began studying Flamenco with Juana Rodriguez in Montpellier. In 2009, she moved to Madrid, where she practiced regularly with well-known figures from the Amor de Dios academy, La Tati, Victoria Duende, La Truco, David Paniagua and Antonio Reyes Maya.

When she came back to France in 2010, she began to give courses of flamenco and sevillanas and danced with the flamenco group “Madrugada”. She’s now dancing with the companiesTaffanel, LIPs, Didier Théron, and Yann Lheureux.

The dancers

Camille Reverdiau
Julie Sapy

The musicians

Marie Arnaud
Thierry Piolé

Les Herbes folles

Les Herbes folles